Zac Kraemer has closely studied the evolution of retail for much of the last decade, monitoring macro shifts in the retail landscape across physical and digital channels. Zac has spent most of his career with WPP - the world's largest marketing and communications group - focused on providing retail expertise and knowledge to the group's broad spectrum of clients.  Currently with Full Service Marketing Agency VML, Zac acts as Connections Director of Retail & Shopper Marketing, working within integrated channel teams to create connected customer experiences for today’s digitally connected, ‘always-on’ shopper.


Zac has collaborated with a number of publications such as PSFK and The Drum on current retail trends and best-in-class retailer activations. He also recently published a white paper in the Journal of Brand Strategy on 'The New Tribe of Shopper’, and presented on the subject at the 2018 WPP Global Retail Forum.


NOTE - The views showcased on Viventium Design are solely my own, gathered through analysis of industry expert knowledge, current and past retail store experiences and retail trend reports
from select sources



- inspiration for the project - 


Viventium actually means 'Living' in Latin. Fitting, given the world of retail is always growing, transforming, and in a constantstate of evolution.

A mere 6 years ago, 'omnichannel' was a term that hadn't even been coined, and the connected customer journey seemed more like a futuristic vision versus
an attainable reality. 

Fast forward to 2018, and we've made mass progression in channel connectivity and experiential selling across the entire customer journey, all to meet the heightened demands of the New Tribe of Shopper, an always-on, experiential-minded customer.

This blog project aims to track the range of best-in-class retailers across store design & experiential retail, to better understand the ebbs & flows of macro changes over time.

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