When first walking into 3x1, a retailer specializing in bespoke-made denim in New York's SOHO neighborhood, you're greeted by a massive fabric wall on your left which houses 70 different kinds of denim, a rack of off the shelf denim products on your right, and a large white table in the center of the space, filled with all sorts of different buttons & stitching patterns. In the back of the space is a glassed in room filled with sewing machines and seamstresses, adding an element of wonder for those unfamiliar with 3x1. But listen, that's it. 4 major elements comprise the entire store. That's 3x1. Simple and clean.

The 3x1 brand is best known for its bespoke made jeans which are created in-house and fitted perfectly for the buyers body. Guests can choose from over 70 kinds of denim, choose the exact fit of the pant, pick the button sizes and colours, and even the stitching and thread colour/pattern.

Since the brand's creation, founder Scott Morrison and his team have sourced over 260 different kinds of denim in their collections, resulting in the creation of thousands of jeans sold. Every single pair is constructed in the 'glass box' in the back of the space, from custom and bespoke pairs, to the small collection of off the rack RTW.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Personalization is becoming a much more sought after service. Unlike customization, personalization allows customers to create their own bespoke near 'one-of-a-kind product.' With custom bespoke jeans, 3x1 takes personalization and knocks it out of the park. 2. Shoppers want to be a part of a brands story, engaging with them on more personal levels. 3x1 truly immerses shoppers in its brand..literally, allowing guests to pick every minute detail of the jeans they create with the store specialists. 3. Consumers are beginning to trust brands less and less (especially millennials and Gen Z). More and more, higher-end brands in the garment space are gaining credibility, and thus loyalty, for being overly transparent about their product construction and processes, which is literally what 3x1 does..through clear glass panels, customers can see each pair of 3x1 jeans being crafted in a room filled with seamstresses and sewing machines.

Location: 15 Mercer St, New York, NY 10013
Founder: Scott Morrison
Brand Website: 3x1

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