Adidas Knitwear Popup


This past year, the Adidas Knitwear Popup opened its doors for a limited time in Berlin, Germany. Customers could create their own personalized sweater, which was knitted in a factory-like setting in the store, and uniquely merged digital & physical components into the overall experience. The experience entailed 2 key steps for customers: Design and Fit. 

The entire 'Design' process took place on a work station with a digital screen and physical RFID-enabled fabric/pattern chips, which showcased various sweater options. These chips allowed customers to select their desired sweater combination and see their final product, displayed on the digital screen.

'Fit' took place via a separate area which housed a body scanner and projection mapping technology which scansned a user’s body shape and also projected the custom sweater pattern on the customer to ensure the sweater design was well liked by the shopper before final purchase.

Following the fit process, the orders were finalized, resulting in the fabrication of a custom-knit sweater which were delivered in special packages a few hours after orders were placed.

What You Should Take Away:
1. In the Adidas Knitwear space, digital played an integral and well-defined role in the retail experience, offering guests a medium to create their own sweater, and even try before they buy with the projection mapped pattern they’ve created. 
2. Creating a view into the knitwear production space gave customers the sense of transparency and craft they were looking for. The story and experience around the sweater being knitted and packaged after the customer had created it is was an equally important part of the shopping experience.

Website: Adidas Knitwear
Location: Berlin, Germany