Au Pont Rouge Selfie Room


As it's latest edition to its spa & treatment center, Au Pont Rouge, a traditional European department store in St. Petersburg, has added a selfie room to its spa & treatment area. 

The ‘selfie room’ is essentially a reinterpretation of traditional testing and sampling areas you would see inside of a Sephora. The aim of the new room adds one simple, yet critical step for shoppers – taking the perfect selfie once they've tried on their new products, or finished their spa treatments. Guests are meant to feel like the model and the director of their self-created image. The space is composed of a long mirrored wall, and curved mesh on the opposite wall, which filters indirect lighting. With this mesh and the curved mirror, the space illuminates faces without shadows, AKA the perfect selfie lighting.

What You Should Take Away:
Retail is becoming more than just a space where product is housed on a shelf. Shoppers (especially younger, new shoppers) are attracted to experiences. Retail is becoming more of a destination, and Au Pont Rouge's selfie room is something that is apt to be shared on social media (offering free advertising for the brand), a destination you're likely to encourage friends to visit, and a new spa & makeup retail experience, which allows guests to test products, providing greater satisfaction with their purchases, and a high likelihood of another few visits.

Architect: Cheungvogl
Location: Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
Website: Au Pont Rouge

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