B8ta is an Apple-esque retailer that plays home to some of technology’s most interesting consumer innovations. The brand offers tech companies a straightforward monthly subscription service that allows tech giants and startups an equal amount of visibility for their products. B8ta’s success on the west coast has prompted an expansion into over 9 flagship location and as of late 2017, 70 Lowe’s shop-in-shops across the country and counting.

What You Should Take Away:
1. B8ta offers tech companies looking to showcase their latest consumer innovations with a no-strings monthly subsription model that allows the retailer to attract some of the most interesting, unknown innovations before mainstream tech retailers
2. While there's no question B8ta is now rapidly expanding to new locations all around the US, one thing they've done a great job with is ensuring their stores, from flagships to shop-in-shop to online, all have a consistent look & tone.

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