Calvin Klein X Amazon Popup

Amazon, in partnership with Calvin Klein, has opened two co-located popups in Los Angeles and New York. The Santa Monica LA location and SOHO New York location are nearly one in the same, with similar store designs and offerings, both loaded with Amazon technology and unique limited offerings.

The store is a physical showcase for Calvin Klein products (including exclusives) and also offers a series of interesting in-store experiences: Amazon Alexa is used in the dressing rooms to adjust lighting conditions, play Christmas music, or simply have a bit of fun. Amazon Show can be used to video call the other pop up store. And customers can get custom text embroidered on any pair of Calvin Klein product they purchase in the store, from underwear to t-shirts.

What you should take away:
If you’re going to use technology in-store, you’d better be sure it works. We saw lots of issues with the Amazon Alexa integration in the fitting room that really took away from the overall experience.
2. Custom embroidery is a cheap and easy way to drive the door for shoppers. Amazon and Calvin Klein took something as iconic as the #myclavin briefs and made them even better with a customizable feature only available in the popup.

Website: Calvin Klein
Website: #mycalvins Amazon Shop
Location: Santa Monica, CA + SOHO, NY