Everlane Shoe Park

For 10 days only, fashion retailer Everlane has opened a pop-up store in SOHO called Everlane Shoe Park. Open from May 13-22, the concept shop was designed to act as a playground, allowing guests to interact with the space and experience the flexibility, comfort, and style of Everlane's shoes.

The store has purely staffed brand ambassadors to run the store and there are no rules of the space except that you can't wear your own shoes around the space..they've got to be Everlane. The temporary pop-up will showcase the brand's new spring/summer collection and allow guests to browse around the space, though they cannot transact in the space, and must order online.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Immersive experiences at retail are becoming more of a hot button topic around the world. Today, shoppers don't just want to go into a store to buy, they want to go into a store to experience. While the Everlane Shoe Park concept is a bit 'odd,' it does spark an ample amount of curiosity and entertainment value for guests. 2. Brand Ambassadors are almost always the make or break of a retail experience. Everlane has staffed brand experts to help guide visitors through the journey of the store, and help provide knowledge of the product to interested prospects. 3. Pop ups are becoming more and more prominent, while traditional B&M is becoming less popular in large urban areas due to escalating real estate prices. Everlane's pop up will stand for 10 days upon closing it's doors. The space took longer to construct than the actual retail experience will be open to the public.

Location: 83 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012
Spacial Designer: Robert Storey
Brand Website: Everlane

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