Lamdash Lounge by Panasonic

To promote its high-end Lamdashseries electric razors, Panasonic opened a two-story luxury popup space in Tokyo’s Omotesando neighborhood.

Building off a broader sales trend of high-end homecare products, Panasonic aimed to drive awareness of its latest shaving unit, offering guests a shave, or a drink via the second story bar, where white glove female bartenders offer guests cocktails to be enjoyed comfortably on large learther arm chairs, and photographers are present to capture the guests moments for social media usage.

“We want to change the shavers’ image from a daily use commodity to a luxury good” and encourage customers to derive pleasure from shaving time, said a Panasonic spokesperson.

The five-blade Lamdash shavers offer high-end shaves and high-end aesthetics, with handles in mahogany, teak, burlwood rosewood, and walnut handles. 700 of each type are available.

What You Should Take Away:
1. Panasonic offers a service that's imperative to the Japanese businessman - a clean shave. Offering them a clean shave that's delivered using Panasonic's product is a relevant and useful value-add to the customer
2. Offering an elevated experience via the second floor bar and lounge offers guests a reason to hang out, post to social media and bring friends. Given the popup centers itself around the product as a feature design element, the space is positioned to create great product awareness.

Website: Lamdash
Press Release: Panasonic Press