Magnum Ice Cream Popup

Magnum ice cream has launched a series of traveling pop ups around the globe promoting the trial of their ice cream bars (with a bit of a twist)! The pop up allows guests to custom make their own ice cream bar, choosing the ice cream flavor, chocolate covering, and toppings, which include decadent varieties such as Himalayan sea salt, flower petals, or even gold flakes. The temporary space also features a series of custom made ice cream bar artworks which are spread throughout the space, all of which are created from local artists.

The space itself was designed to be 'share worthy,' enabling guests to take photos for social media with custom hashtags, and a number of great photo pedestals (with lighting built in)..through word of mouth, awareness of the space is spreading quickly as summer heats up.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Magnum has created the space to trial product, but have also put a lot of work into the spacial design, thus making the overall experience from the time you enter to the time you leave 'share worthy,' which in turn means more posts on social media, raising awareness of the shop and the brand as a whole. 2. Magnum has done a great job of localizing each of the pop up spaces as they've launched around the world. The custom art from local artists not only turn heads, but it also shows consumers that Magnum cares about the areas they relocate themselves to. 3. Guests (especially younger ones) like the ability to play a part in the product they're going to consume. The fact that Magnum gives such a breadth of choice in this experience is what differentiates this shop from a run of the mill ice cream truck and/or the frozen food section in the local grocery store.

Location: SOHO, New York
Website: Magnum Ice Cream