Mister Ice Cream

Newly opened in Vancouver's Yaletown district, Mister ice cream has recently been drawing a crowd with its untraditional food preparation methods. The ice cream shop offers a wide variety of unique flavors which are freeze dried, creating large puffs of smoke that waft out of the preparation area.

The Japanese inspired technique of freeze drying the ice cream has been done by others, though the execution of the store was created very tastefully. The colours, fabrics and textures all elude to the feel of a science lab, enhancing the overall experience as a whole, given the unique style of the space.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Shoppers go to stores because they want an experience. Today retail theatre is just as important to the store as the product on the shelf. 2. Taking something as simple as ice cream and turning it into a $15 per dish treat is all about presentation. Sometimes it's not that your product is 'bad', it may just be showcased in the incorrect way
3. Personalization is important. Today customers, more so younger than older, want to be a part of a brand's story. Allowing guests to customize a product, even as simple as ice cream, leaves a lasting impression, versus walking up to an ordering counter

Location: 1141 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5P2, Canada
Architect: Scott & Scott
Website: Mister