Nike Bootroom

With all the different specifications that make up a Football shoe, finding the perfect fit can be a challenge. Nike sought to simplify the customer's buying experience by bringing digital to the shelf with the goal of allowing shoppers, assisted or unassisted, to learn more about the variation of Football shoes on display in the physical space. To do this, Nike used digital to enhance the in-store experience via a 65" RFID enabled touchtable that recognized the various shoes on display once set on the display.

Once shoppers placed a shoe on the table, key specifications and aesthetic options displayed on the shoe. Multiple shoes could be placed on the table at one time, to compare & contrast, and customers were given real-time availability of color options and sizes available in-store.

What You Should Take Away:

This digital execution is a perfect example of how brand’s should be utilizing digital to remove friction from the shopper’s purchase journey. Once a company identifies a customer’s journey to purchase their product, they can begin to identify friction and information gaps in their shopping process, and solve them. Digital has become a core component in improving the buying experience and this iteration from Nike is the perfect case.