Nike’s Snkrs Xpress

All aboard the Snkrs Xpress!
One of Nike's three retail brand experiences during All Star Week in Toronto, the Snkrs Xpress was truly a 'mobile' pop up, carting Nike+ members around town via one of Toronto's street rails, made into a silver bullet.

The train which doubled as a retail showcase/extra premium train car offered guests extremely customized trips, down to the boarding pass all riders were presented with, each individually printed with the Nike+ member's details and a seat number on the train.

3 Things to Take Away:
1. Pay attention to Nike's close attention to detail in this short-lived experience. Everything from personalized boarding passes to a Nike-branded 'safety video' that played as the train took off, Nike pulled out all the stops.  2. The personalized and intimate experience riders received on the train provided up close and personal interactions with the brand (literally and figuratively).  3. Selling experiences and brand love is just as imperative as traditional brick & mortar retail today. Unique experiences that create real, memorable moments for consumers create brand loyalty and interest.

Location: All around Toronto
Brand Partner: Toronto Railway
Brand Website: Nike
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