Patom Organic Living


Tucked away in a highly populated residential neighborhood in Thonglor lies Patom's new mixed-use retail space. The bodycare company based out of Thailand constructed the space to serve as the physical manifestation of its brand. The building itself was constructed with the community and environment in mind. Open-air construction is framed with reclaimed redwood and tabak wood beams recovered from the owners old and abandoned house boat. Indoors, a portion of the structure was also constructed or furnished with refurbished and reclaimed materials.

Experientially, the space is very interesting, because while Patom does showcase it's product line, the space offers guests so much more than just stuff on shelves. Inside is also a small 25 seat cafe that provides nearby residents a communal space to work or meet for a coffee. The small shop also doubles as a space to host local workshops and events which raise ecological awareness and sustainable living. 

There is also an outdoor space offering additional community style seating, a garden store, and a recurring weekly organic farmer's market organized by Patom, which sells locally grown fresh goods.

What You Should Take Away:
Mixed use retail space are the trend to watch in this instance. Shoppers expect more from physical retail than just a ton of product on shelves. The physical retail space is becoming a medium not just for transaction, but for experience, be it an educational or inspirational one, which heightens the shopper's expectations of your brand by providing them something they can't purchase.

Brand Website: Patom
Architect: NITAPROW
Location: Thailand