Princi Bakery at Starbucks


In 2016, Starbucks joined the global investment team of Italian-based Princi Bakery, to begin planning the expansion of Princi into international markets. 2 years later in November 2018 and Starbucks opened the first of a series of Princi bakeries and cafés across the US in its Reserve Roastery flagship experience in Seattle, replacing the existing Serious Pie restaurant owned by Tom Douglas.

In its new space, Princi will offer over 100 menu items freshly baked and available daily, using ingredients imported from Italy. A team of bakers and chefs bring over 125 years of experience to Princi recipes in the space, with Commessas (shop assistants) who will act as guides, taking curious customers through the breadth of Princi’s offerings.

In addition to opening in Starbucks Reserve Roastery locations in Shanghai, Milan, New York, Tokyo and Chicago, Starbucks also plans to open Princi standalone stores starting in 2018. 

“Today, I am realizing a dream that I have had since I was a young man, and I am grateful to Howard for his vision to bring Princi to the world,” said Rocco Princi, founder, Princi. “Having worked side by side with the team that Starbucks has assembled, I have seen firsthand their talent as well as the attention they have given to ensuring that the fresh, authentic, handcrafted ingredients that define the Princi experience are being honored. I am excited and humbled that the people of Seattle will now be able to experience our food.”

What you should take away:
Building experiences into a physical retail offering is continually playing more of a role in the success or failure of a brick & mortar location. Brands like Starbucks have created the Reserve Roastery as a destination for customers to learn about coffee and build a closer relationship with Starbucks. 2. The Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle launched in 2014. In order to keep the store relevant and continue to drive foot traffic, Starbucks has continued to evolve the space to create new and immersive experiences, giving existing customers a reason to come back, new customers exciting new experiences to look forward to, and the press something to talk about.