Rapha Cycle Club is a grade-a example of retail built through the lens of pure brand passion. The store, located in London's SOHO district (though the brand now has multiple locations around the globe), is the living breathing manifestation of founders Luke Scheybeler and Simon Mottram, who built Rapha to share their love for all things cycling.

From amazing staff who are all experts and passionates of cycling, to the clothing, each of which has it's own unique tag that shares an interesting fact about cycling, down to the small details such as the cycling city guides the brand has built for its visitors, this brand in my mind has a near perfect retail experience.

The shop also doubles as a hang out space, where members and visitors can sit down and have a brew, or a coffee and a bite to eat. When there's a cycling race, Rapha live streams the events in its stores, and during the final moments of the races, workers are all urged to stop what they're doing and direct their attention to the race, in order to share moments of excitement with other club members.

3 Thing You Should Take Away:
1. Details are not missed in this retail brand experience, which is why I love this store..from its own quarterly magazine, to its specialty collection of vintage cycling equipment unique to each location (all of which tells a city-specific story), this store offers something for everyone..trust me, I don't even like cycling. 2. Rapha brings a sense community through its retail experience. Each location has its own events, both in the store, and around the community, like leisurely weekend cycling events 3. Members who want to become more involved with Rapha and other cycling passionates can join Rapha's actual 'club', which allows members access to things like free drinks, bike rentals, merchandise discounts and more, further reincforcing Rapha's committal to bring those passionate about cycling together.

Location: 85 Brewer St, London W1F 9ZN, United Kingdom
Architect: Brinkworth
Founders: Simon Mottram   Luke Scheybeler
Brand Website: Rapha London – SOHO
Social Media: Twitter   Instagram