Starbucks Reserve Roastery


While this has been around for a bit over a year now, Starbucks 15,000 square foot space is still talk-worthy in my book. In case you don't know, Starbucks Reserve Roastery is a brand temple, acting as a hub for guests to not only learn about Starbucks, but to immerse themselves in a world of coffee. The space is essentially a gigantic coffee center, where guests can come together over shared passion for coffee, learning things like new brewing techniques, the varying types of blends and what they taste like, harvest techniques, and so on, all through the lens of Starbucks Barristers, a specific group of coffee experts hand-picked for the space, much different then you're everyday Starbucks employee.

With multiple coffee stations, each which serves a different purpose, a fully stocked gift shop with locally curated art and homegoods, and even a Serious Pie restaurant (a local Seattle pizza chain), the space is definitely much different than what a typical consumer would describe a Starbucks store to be like.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Starbucks Reserve Roastery elevates the perception of the Starbucks brand to a typical consumer who likely thinks of the brand for its small, cramped spaces and Americanized coffee. 2. Starbucks has done a nice job with localization, hand-curating much of the merchandise in the store, and partnering with local businesses like Serious Pie. This also has a positive impact on Starbucks perception 3. In this store, the Starbucks brand takes a back seat, giving coffee the main stage. Of course you see hints of the Starbucks brand throughout the store, but the story inside the space revolves around coffee, as does discussion. Starbucks mearly facilitates the conversations through the experiences it has built.

Location: Seattle, Washington
Website: Starbucks
Designer: Liz Muller