The Apartment by the Line

It's second physical manifestation which opened in LA, The Apartment by The Line is much more than a traditional brick & mortar retailer. As you'll see from the photos, the 'store' is styled just like a (very wealthy person's) lived in home, from crumpled pillows on the couch, to fully stocked medicine cabinets in the bathroom. Everything in the apartment is for sale, and no..there's not a back room with more if you fall in love with a dress you find in the closet and it's a size 1, then you'd better hope you're a size 1!

The Line's first store opened in New York's SOHO..the space is quite a bit smaller than the LA location, but still amazingly styled with beautifully curated product. If you want to go and visit either location, you'd better think ahead, because it's appointment only!

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. The Line does the bulk of it's sales online, with a very loyal following..The Apartment (both in SOHO and Los Angeles) offers those aware of the insider spot a source of inspiration and discovery, perfectly blending a great retail experience with an even blend of purchase fulfillment 2. Take this as another amazing example of a retailer who started with an online eCommerce presence and expanded to create physical retail 3. Selling isn't the main purpose of physical retail today. The Line has a very successful online offering..the space offers an amazing experience that creates loyalists who will not only come back to the physical store, but also browse online for additional discovery and ideas, thus growing their loyalty base.

Location: 2nd Floor, 8463 Melrose Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90069
Founders: Vanessa Traina   Morgan Wendelborn   Adam Pritzker
Brand Website: The Apartment LA
Social Media: Twitter    Instagram