The Lounge by AT&T


AT&T has opened a new experience store in Seattle’s Capital Hill neighborhood called The Lounge, which combines coffee, consumer electronics and technology.

The coffee shop is the largest part of the experience – managed by reigning United States Barista Champion Cole McBride – infusing technology and retail theatre to educate and excite customers about the process of making coffee, while yielding the traditional aspects of a coffee shop – all which adds up to a welcoming environment that inspires a sense of co-working vibes.

Consumer electronics really take a back seat here – with some of AT&T’s most innovative technology on display.

According to Roast Magazine – Danielle and David Hulton, the owners of Seattle-based Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe, partnered with the telecommunications giant on the long-term pop-up cafe, called Ada’s Discovery Cafe, providing a lively, caffeine-fueled entry point and social hub for the Lounge space.

The partnership was a conscientious decision by AT&T to tap into Ada’s deep roots in the community, as well as into its owners’ passion for creating spaces that are conducive to innovation and learning.

“The Lounge is more about an experience than it is about retail,” said Jeff Bradley, West Region President at AT&T. “It’s a collection of services unlike anything else in our industry — it’s designed to change the way we engage with consumers.”

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