Tzapos the Flying Hairdressers


Munich-based hairdresser Konstantinos Tzapos recently launched a new retail concept called Tzapos The Flying Hairdressers. The name speaks playfully to the fact that this barber shop comes to you, because it’s on 4 wheels. In the back of a big truck. Where there is also a full service coffee bar.

The great design ties nicely to the high-end experience that Tzapos was aiming to provide to his clients, who he says often don’t have time to come to the barber..which is why he is now coming to them. Those interested in booking time with the Flying Hairdressers can simply book an appointment via an app, and the van will either come to them or meet at a designated location.

Around the large, old-fashioned barber’s chair inside the van are various leather handles and fixtures which conceal many hidden compartments for barber tools, and even a sink for washing hair. In the front of the van is a coffee bar with top-notch espresso machine and cups to match, along with a seating areas fitted with magazines and all.

What You Should Take Away:
1. Tzapos is adapting to meet the consumers demand, providing the ultimate convenience by bringing a service clasically grounded to a brick & mortar location 2. Tzapos The Flying Hairdressers is digitally enabled, allowing customers to easily book via online app. The traveling showcase also pushes out it's location via social channels.

Images: Andreas Hoernisch
Website: Tzapos
Location: Munich, Germany