Food Dock


With a global push on growing and promoting small business within the last few years, many communities have been investing back into the cities and towns they live in. As a result, you get a similar product to that of the newly renovated Food Dock in the Netherland's town of Deventer, home to 97,000+ citizen.

The town worked with a number of partners to transform the town's abandoned grain silo into a community center, home to a multitude of small shops, and rotating community businesses. The old grain storage facility still exposes many of the raw elements, including the 13 original grain silos.

The community center is located on the towns harbor, which the city is hoping to drive the town to, restoring life within the district.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Promoting and growing small businesses continues to be a huge priority for countries around the world. With this just being one of many centers to pop up around the globe, it's clear that small, local, artisan tones need to tied to brands DNA more often, no matter how big or small the company, hence the reason Whole Foods enters markets as a member of the community, building each store custom to fit the style, culture, and demands of the communities in which they serve. 2. Temporary pop up spaces are becoming much more prominent in the retail space. Real estate is expensive, leasing rates are through the roof (in most urban regions), and retailers are still expected to over deliver every experience to meet the demands of the shopper. Pop up showcases allow brands to decrease the amount of spend which would normally be needed to lease, to use on the overall store experience. While Food Dock is not a pop up, this execution serves as a great example of taking something old and making it new again without building a new B&M store, or claiming a spot on high street. 3. Not only do open space floor plans give a sense of community, they also gives the old spaces like food dock a fresh, modern feel, with shops and seating scattered throughout.

Location: Zuiderzeestraat 2, 7411 MC Deventer, Netherlands
Spacial Designer: Robert Storey
Architect: Wenink Holtkamp Architecten
Brand Website: FoodDock

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