Nike Jordan Brand Classic Popup


A few blocks from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York lives a temporary Air Jordan store that's quite mysterious when walking past. With a facade covered in a series of graffiti-like stickers, and a large Air Jordan emblem, Nike is upping its curb appeal.

As it turns out, Nike is hosted the Air Jordan Classic tournament at the Barclay's stadium on April 15, and sought to capitalize every opportunity possible to draw brand aficionados and less informed passerby's into the store. However, the space is for Nike Plus members only.

If you're in the cool club and get a chance to visit the space, you'll be encased in a lofty area decked out in Jordan gear and basketball equipment. Guests can buy exclusive Air Jordan sneakers, shoot a few hoops in the miniature courts, and even get a pair of personalized shoes.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Retail is becoming much more targeted not only online, but also in physical execution. Nike is proving the importance of targeted, focused, location-specific pop ups that serve a concise purpose, thus growing brand awareness with the most relevant audience, and also merchandising and selling the most appropriate product for the customer in one specific location. 2. Creating experiences in the space are key to driving traffic into the store, building relationships with a mass audience and providing more one-on-one time with the brand, even to the point of making a personalized product. It's great experiences in-store today that make or break a retailer and ultimately define their sales. 3. Speaking further to product personalization, Jordan Brand Classic allows guests to personalize a pair of their own Jordans, which is drawing sneaker heads near and far from their native Brooklyn neighborhoods. Nike demonstrates that if product personalization is executed in the proper way, it can draw a large crowd and turn heads.

Location: 166 Flatbush, Brooklyn
Brand Website: Jordan Brand Classic

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