Aesop Milan


Pair distinctive packaging that represents a symbolic kind of luxury around the world with individually unique boutiques, and you get Australian skincare brand Aesop. Managing to yet again adapt their brand's character into another uniquely beautiful space, Aesop has just opened their second store in Milan's historical district.

The 35 square meter space highlights a unique array of tones, colours and materials all inspired from old-Italy, which is quite fitting, given the store's location.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Aesop's unique and considerate approach to their store design, each telling a different story unique and relevant to the communities they serve. 2. While the space is beautiful, the product is the hero of Aesop's store; everything from the store's colour pallette to shelving the lotion is displayed on draws you back to the iconic branded product. 3. A blend of old and new gives the brand a warm welcoming feel. In this instance, Aesop draws from old-Italy with colour pallete and fixtures, but modernizes the space with things like the two large lighting disks suspended by a canopy of brass rods.

Location: Via Meravigli 18, Milan, Italy
Architect: Dimore Studio
Brand Website: Aesop
Social Media: Twitter    Instagram