Aesop Snohetta

Nestled away in the streets of Oslo, Norway, Aesop's second store, a mere 63 square meter space lights up the walk with its bright interior detailing. Situated on the ground floor of a 1940's apartment building, Aesop's latest retail outlet is more than meets the eye. From the simple yet complex woodworking in the space drawing inspiration from the woodworking technique intarsia, architects & designers created motif inspired meticulously crafted three-dimensional oak panels.

In the back of the space, a staircase leads you down to a blush pink room where more product can be found..another little secret Aesop leaves for its guests to discover.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Aesop's space is small, so keeping the layout open, the window unblocked with no promotional displays, and the product on the outer perimeter makes the space readily accessible to a multitude of shoppers, making the most of the space. 2. Aesop's newest store is intricate, but simple at the same time. Using only two primary materials in the design, timber and brass. 3. Each of Aesop's stores has a varied look and feel, depending on the community and culture it's entering. The idea of brand's localizing their offer is becoming a much more prominent trend across multiple categories. Today, it's not enough to drag and drop an existing store from one location to another.

Location: Majorstuen, Oslo
Architect: Snohetta
Website: Aesop