On the weekend of October 27, Apple unveiled its newly constructed Chicago flagship, relocated to the bank of the Chicago river just a few blocks south of its original home on Michigan Avenue. The store connects the upper Pioneer Court located on busy Michigan Avenue, to the scenic riverwalk with as little intrusion as possible, due to its thin glass structure and thin, lightweight carbon fiber roof.

“Apple Michigan Avenue is about removing boundaries between inside and outside, reviving important urban connections within the city,” Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, said in a statement. “It unites a historic city plaza that had been cut off from the water, giving Chicago a dynamic new arena that flows effortlessly down to the river.”

The Chicago store also introduces a new era of Apple flagship stores, which take Steve Job’s original 'community hub' design approach to the next level, with the store built not just to display products, but to inform & inspire guests. 

“Apple Michigan Avenue exemplifies our new vision where everyone is welcome to experience all of our incredible products, services and inspiring educational programs in the heart of their city. We can’t wait to welcome the community for opening weekend, and to launch ‘The Chicago Series’ with our incredible local partners on Monday.” Said Apple’s Angela Ahrendts.

‘The Chicago Series’ Ahrendts mentions is part of the store’s new ‘Today at Apple’ sessions, which are delivered by Apple’s newest store associate, ‘the Creative Pro,’ or ‘liberal arts equivalent of technical geniuses,’ as Apple describes them.

What you should take away:

1. Apple continues to integrate deeper experiences into its stores. The new ‘Today at Apple’ series encourages longer dwell time, while also drawing in the local community audience who may not otherwise enter an Apple Store. 2. Nothing ever goes perfectly. Apple’s new clear glass store has attracted a fair amount of curious birds, who have flown straight into the glass window. This drew the attention of a local bird monitoring group, who scrutinized Apple for potentially endangering migratory birds. In true Apple fashion, the brand fired back a quick response stating they were deeply sorry and had hired a Ornithological expert to further assess the best solutions. Well done Apple.

Images Courtesy of Apple