Birkenstock Box

Birkenstock has recently launched a series of 3 pop up shipping container stores called 'Birkenstock Boxes.' The first of the three was debuted at Berlin fashion week in late July, and launched in partnership with German designer Andreas Murkidis to create a custom line of exclusive product. 

As the Birkenstock boxes travel, each product collection in the new location will have new product sets which are designed with local talent. 

The boxes themselves were designed to match the versatility and quality that the Birkenstock product exudes and in a manner that gives the crates a bit of curb appeal.

What You Should Take Away:
Pop up retail is becoming more prominent as time goes on. Whether it's a shipping container, a traveling vehicle or a short-term leased space, the pop up solutions are much more cost effective and can typically drive more buzz than just another flagship space. 
Pop ups are also great formats to test new products, technologies or merchandising tactics in, as they're short-term and typically a one-off execution.

Location: Traveling global showcase
Website: Birkenstock
Architects: Gonzalez Haase AAS