Blue Bottle Coffee Tokyo

BlueBottle has just opened its newest of five stores in Tokyo, Japan. The latest multi-story retail destination, opened in Nakameguro, was retrofitted in a vacant electric plant and features an array of rooms and experiences that encourage guests to stay for more than a few cups of coffee.

From barista training areas which serve as a secondary space which is utilized to customers about coffee culture, to rooms filled with large communal seating areas, Bluebottle's newest three-story store is a playground for the explorer and a home away from home for the workaholic.

Three things to take away:

1. Retail isn't just a space for transaction anymore. Today, giving shoppers an experience is important to build loyalty in the many times crowded categories filled with fierce competition. 2. While the BlueBottle store design is indeed sleek and modern, it does feel a bit clinical. Small touches can add a lot to a space and communicate a brand's personality. While the space is beautifully designed, in my opinion, the designers could have had a bit more fun with the space, while still keeping the original charm of the ex-electric factory 3. Experiences are becoming more and more important at retail. BlueBottle doesn't have a large space just so customers can always find a seat. The space was imagined to provide immersive experiences that will draw in new customers and bring back the locals. Think of the three story space as a space where Blue Bottle can immerse its customers in the passion of the brand through workshops, exploration, and curated events.

Location: Nakameguro, Japan
Architect: Schemata Architects
Website: Blue Bottle Coffee

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