Dyson, a brand known for the sleek (and pricey) design of their small household electronics, have recently launched a new store concept, the first of which has opened in London. Playing up the brands design aesthetic through an extremely modern space, similar to what you'd see in a design museum such as MOMA, Dyson has displayed its product on white pedestals, backlit paneling and simple floor panels, giving the feel of an art gallery moreso then a store.

What really happening? The brand is trying to drive trial of their product, positioning all of their products, from fans to vacuums, as pieces of art. Unlike a traditional art gallery however, Dyson encourages guests to interact with everything displayed.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Dyson already has a high brand awareness, positioned in the premium space. In order to further increase sales and household penetration, it seems Dyson has created this new store concept to ultimately drive trial through a new experience outlet. The importance of physical spaces are critical in retail, which is why many online retailers have gone physical, such as Warby Parker. 2. Dyson's store design matches the positioning of its product, giving a premium feel through the look/feel and also the high pricetag. Integrating the design of the physical space and the product so seamlessly takes the in-store brand experience so much more relevant to those who have seen Dyson in the past. 3. In a category like small home appliances, Dyson has truly broken out as a standout brand with a clearly differentiated offer for its shoppers. Brands that stand for something, like Dyson, are far more likely to be loved by consumers, and therefore chosen and purchased.

Location: London, United Kingdom
Architect: WilkonsonEyre
Website: Dyson