Glade’s Museum of Feelings


Yes, the headline is correct. This gigantically colourful 'museum' is a brand play by none other than fragrance company Glade. To put it in simple terms, the Museum of Feelings is not a museum, but a series of walk-through spaces coined by myself as "the perfect place to get that A-grade Instagram photo." And while visitors didn't pay 10G's for an amazing selfie, they did indeed waiting in a line that often times spanned almost 2 miles. Yes. TWO. MILES.

Glade's brand play was a three week installation which highlighted a series of immersive room's that evoked and represented different feelings, allowing visitors to not just look at the installations, but interact with each room in its own unique way to ultimately get a series of great selfies for free.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Glade's Museum of Feelings was a pure brand play, this shows that all retail requires interactive components that allow shoppers to participate and engage in a brand's store. At the end of the day for every brand, driving transaction is the ultimate goal, but today, it takes a lot more commitment for a shopper to buy your product. Glade's pure brand play here is a true testament to this. 2. Glade didn't once brand the exterior of this exhibit with their name. The experience was SO great, that visitors near and far waited up to 5 hours in line to engage with this experience, many of whom thought much differently about a brand that sells candles and bathroom sprays. 3. The power of the selfie is something that shouldn't be toyed with...this is actually really important. Younger generations are very interested in chronicling what they're up to, to share on social media, with friends & family, and ultimately, to make themselves appear "Dank as hell," by their peers.

Location: Three World Financial Center, 230 Vesey St, New York, NY 10281
Agency Partner: Ogilvy
Brand Website: Museum of Feelings
Social Media: Instagram