Juice Served Here

Nestled in the Hollywood hills, Juice Served Here's first outpost launched more than a few years ago. Serving premium healthy products, with a core focus on (you guessed it) cold pressed juices that offer distinct branding and great taste, Juice Served Here now has TWELVE outposts in the Los Angeles area.

The brand's success, largely, is due to the core of who they are, welcoming all who are conscious about what they put in their body, and also, the brand's they are 'supporting' when purchasing. Juice Served Here sources the ingredients in its product from local farms, cold-press in the Los Angeles area to deliver utmost quality, curate brands that stand for their same values, such as Aesop, and so much more. In other words, they're a millennial's dream. Visit one of the locations if you're ever in LA.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Thinking through the customer's journey in the store is imperative to the success of the experience. Juice Served Here has a grade-a balance of 'brand' and 'product' messaging, along with well-thought through design considerations that provide an a-class store experience. 2. Portraying one's brand in the correct light is make or break for all businesses, especially so in large urban areas where similar products or services are offered at near-by locations. Juice Served Here creates a distinct, premium brand feel, from memorable store branding to unique product packaging. 3. Younger demographics are even more health conscious (and will continue to be) than previous generations. Juice Served Here stands for a high level of quality, delicious, healthy choice product, which is reflected in the way their brand is portrayed across all of its communication channels.

Location: 8366 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Store Design: Latest stores designed by Bells & Whistles
Founder: Alex Matthews & Greg Alterman
Brand Website: Juice Served Here
Social Media: Instagram   Twitter

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