Kith Women

When Kith founder Ronnie Fieg noticed that the smallest sizes of his men's streetwear line often sold out first — along with a large number of online orders addressed to women — he had a feeling there might be enough interest to start a womenswear collection. And so was born KITH Women, which recently opened in New York's SOHO neighborhood, solely servicing female clientele. The store highlights the same street style characteristics as the original Kith, with products sourced and scattered amongst a mix of private label, as seen in its men's locations.

Ronnie Fieg is amassing a small empire in the New York area, with a whopping three sub-brands (KITH, KITH WOMEN & KITH Treats), his own private-label brands, and a number of collaborations with the likes of such brands as Adidas.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Ronnie didn't completely reinvent the wheel. He kept the women's store very similar to his original men's locations. Brand consistency is imperative, especially when sub-brands are located within such close proximity to one another. 2. Kith Women sticks to the roots of its original streetwear style. With minor tweaks to his existing men's brand, Ronnie has tapped an entirely new target. 3. FASHION RETAILERS: Streetwear style is becoming a very prevalent form of fashion..Yeezy was in the top 3 most attended fashion shows of NYFW F/W '16.

Location: 64 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012
Founder & Visionary: Ronnie Fieg
Brand Website: Kith Women
Social Media: Twitter    Instagram