About a 1.5 hour drive from the heart of Cannes, Koi is located on the opposite end of the French coast. Newly renovated, the space now boasts new vivid koi graphics throughout the space, including the pinnacle point of the space, the grand showroom covered floor to ceiling with the koi graphic and lit with golden neon.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Distinctive, standout graphic design is being used to create stunning, memorable experiences across all of retail. Stopping power has always been important, but is increasingly so required to stand out in a world of options 2. Many times, less is more. Koi's space is designed for maximum seating capacity with minimal design elements other than the bold graphics and bright chairs. 3. Koi takes its brand across many touch points in the restaurant, as well as through its digital presence. It's important for the brand to be at the soul of every experience a consumer can experience. From small sushi plate with branded koi, to the red neon sign in the back patio, the space has one simple theme to take away that is easy to remember, and memorable all at once.

Location: 4 Rue Paul Doumer, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France
Brand Website: Koi
Architect: Vincent Coste
Koi Designs: Claire Leina

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