Koi Cafe

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Koi Cafe portrays the future of ‘urban agriculture.’ The restaurant, formerly a three story house, facilitates a renewable resource cycle within the restaurant, as waste from the koi fish aquarium is pumped into the soil supporting the cafe’s lush green roof. After nutrients from the waste are absorbed by the vegetation, the byproduct of purified water is returned to the aquarium. The ‘closed cycle’ eliminates waste and conserves energy while also avoiding the need to use chemical stimulants to support the plant life.


name of project: koi cafe
location: 646- lang street, dong da, hanoi, vietnam
architects: an viet dung, an thanh nhan, pham ngoc linh, andrea scalc
firm: farming studio
type of project: renovation
area: 88 square meters
completed: 2017


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all images by Nguyen Thai Thach