As the leading leading producer of Hasami ceramics, pottery and porcelain in Japan, Maruhiro has a long history of ceramic tableware production and wholesale distribution dating back to the early 17th Century.

Its latest store in Nagasaki is truly a reflection of the brand's traditional craftsmanship meets modern design. The main showcase of the space, as you likely noticed, are the 25,000 pieces of dinnerware sourced from multiple producers in the Hasami region, which took nearly 12 weeks to complete.

3 Things to Take Away:
1. Many times, opposites attract. The dichotomy of the modern interior meshed with the classical exterior create a unique dichotomy that draws in passerby's from afar.  2. The uniquely crafted porcelain dinnerware floor is one of the only design elements in the store, and again (as I always harp on) shows the power of design simplicity when done right. 3. While Maruhiro is one of the largest producers of Hasami pottery, you'll notice the element of simplicity in the product they display. There are no product-packed shelves, nor overly-complex signage..Maruhiro's merchandising reflects the simplicity of the product the sell.

Location: Nagasaki, Japan
Architect: Yusuke Seki
Brand Website: Maruhiro
Social Media: Instagram   Facebook

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