Molecure Pharmacy

When one thinks of a pharmacy, the words & phrases modern, open-air and design-first don’t usually come to mind. However, Molecure Pharmacy in Taiwan takes the typical stuffy, sterile preconceived notions that the pharmacy has gained over the years and put them to the wayside.

The space itself is more than meets the eye, with a design that envelops a nature-like theme, reminding guests that ‘nature is the original source for the synthesis of healing drugs.’ This is where the name ‘Molecure’ comes from: “an amalgam of the words ‘molecular’ and ‘cure,’ both of which play a part in the design of the space as well.

Design elements in the space, from textures like the pebble stone wall, to the spacial elements such as the spiral staircase which mimics a DNA strand, all the way to the central table which rests on a hundred-year old tree trunk all contribute to the theme in subtle yet dramatic ways.

Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Architects: Waterfrom