Mr. & Mrs. Fox


If you were read the classic children's book Fantastic Mr Fox as a child, then you'll instantly find a special place in your heart as I did for this Hong Kong-based restaurant Mr. & Mrs. Fox. Taking inspirational cues from the fable to create playful, industrial atmospheres that evoke the feel of the fox's den, the space is truly unlike any other in Hong Kong, with a one-of-a-kind story to match.

The restaurant is comprised of three floors in The Swire Hotel, offering a variety of unique dining options, each of which deliver a different experience that give diners the option to 'kick back, dig in, or chill out,' depending on what they feel like when they visit.

3 Things to Take Away:
1. As a Shanghai-based colleague explained to me, what makes this space so special in addition to its exceptional design, is the fact that it's one of the first restaurants in Hong Kong that offers guests the option to do more than just dine..Mr & Mrs Fox 'encourages people to come in and just hang out.' 2. The restaurant, which has been open for a little over 6 months, is drawing quite the crowd from all over the city, and has already won multiple diner's choice awards for 'Best New Restaurant.' 3. The space links back to the classic children's book in apparent & subtle ways, from large quotes on the wall, to small hints built into the menu (which I've graciously included for reference :]). These stories are part of the magic which is drawing curious visitors to the space from all over the city.

Location: 23 Tong Chong St, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Architect: Charlie & Rose
Management: Swire Hotel Group
Brand Website: Mr & Mrs Fox
Social Media: Instagram

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