Mrs. Pounds Stampshop


On the winding streets of Hong Kong's Sheng Wan district lies a lovely corner stamp shop by the name of Mrs. Pound...or so it appears to random tourists like you and me...but as we all have come to realize, beauty is only skin deep, and Mrs. Pound has a damn beautiful soul. Why? This humble stamp shop is actually a speakeasy which unaware passerby's would rarely notice.

The restaurant concept was inspired by a fictional story of secret lovers Mrs. Pound, 1950’s Shanghai burlesque dancer, her married lover Mr. Ming and their elaborate rendezvous space. To enter the space, pull on the glowing dragon stamp, a sliding door opens, and reveals a whole restaurant, along with the words 'This is Not a Stamp Shop XOXO.'

The space itself feels like a 50's Chinese movie set. The bottom restaurant, Mrs. Pound's, and upper deck, Mr. Ming's comprise the space in its entirety, sprinkled throughout with hints of masculinity & glamor, including lipstick love notes.

3 Things to Take Away:
1. The story of Mrs. Pound is told in very subtle ways throughout the space. From the overall 50's spacial design & colour palette, to the lipstick embellishments around the space, to the quotes and menu designs, Mrs. Pound creates a true experience. 2. Notice how consistent Mrs. Pound's keeps its brand presence across all communication platforms, from the physical space, to social media, to its wesite. 3. Fun Fact: During warm days, the Facade of Mrs Pound will open up, allowing passerby's to tap a certain subsection of the 'Stamp Shop' facade to purchase takeaway food & beverage.

Location: 6 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Architect: NCDA
Brand Website: Mrs. Pound
Social Media: Instagram   Facebook

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