Nike Studio Beijing

Occupying a Beijing art gallery, 'The Nike Studio' was built to coincide with the city’s hosting of the 2015 World Athletics Championships, encouraging visitors to improve their level of fitness.

The space, comprised of different 'zones' all within a 1,200 meter space, included product displays, workout studios, and a multifunctional lounge, all which drove guests to purchase Nike's latest collections, housed on the gallery premises.

Three Things You Should Take Away:
1. The immersive nature of the space evokes a feeling of 'fun,' making the selling of product seem secondary to all actuality, you're more likely to purchase something in remembrance of a memorable experience, versus a plain old store. 2. Nike always ensures they are present at large sporting events, but do so in a unique, different way each engagement they create, ensuring complete relevance for their target. 3. This space truly offers something for everyone...visitors can participate in classes, test a pair or new shoes on a treadmill in the shop, browse the product, or just observe activity in the space.

Location: Beijing, China
Architect: Coordination Asia
Brand Website: Nike
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