Nike X Roger Federer


As a part of its launch of its new Roger Federer line, Nike has taken NikeLab 1948 and transformed a portion of the store into an experiential corner that celebrates the its newest collaboration. As a part of the installment, Nike partnered with artist Toby Melville-Brown and The Art of Ping Pong to create 60 customer rackets which showcase critical points in Federers life. The small corner exhibit opened with an appearance from Federer himself, along with artist and mastermind Toby Melville-Brown.

Three Things to Take Away:
1. We are seeing artists being utilized more and more to create unique, often times limited edition pop up galleries within retailers, or even as brand experience popups. Experience is becoming more and more a part of the store experience, and art is often times delivering that experience 2. A simple concept can add a big presence to a space. In building this unique yet low cost display, Nike managed to create an enticing, dynamic story that drew in onlookers entering the store. 3. While Nike certainly does a ton of experiential activations across the globe, they certainly don’t publicize them nearly as well as they could. From a press page that’s lacking much of the content they’re creating globally, to the various media streams that are covering one-off activations in their markets, Nike has a tremendous opportunity to further stand out globally to not only the marketing world, but also their consumer.

Location: London, UK
Designer: Toby Melville Brown
Partner: The Art of the Ping Pong
Website: Nike