Nudie Jeans Repair Shop

On the corner of Bowery & Spring in NYC is a pretty neat little place called the Nudie Jeans Repair Shop. The corner store in SOHO is somewhat of a brand temple for Nudie, offering something for longtime fans and newcomers alike. The shop provides free repairs and touch ups on all Nudie Jeans, including tailoring, ripping and rip repair (as long as they're 'fresh out the washing machine'). The store also offers the brand's newest product assortment.

With 3 other repair shops around the world, all of which showcase similar, non-complex spacial designs, Nudie is creating unique spaces..there's no mind-numbing technology, or architectural masterpieces, but the spaces do a really wonderful job of presenting Nudie in a warm, inviting, interesting light through a wealth of unique finishes, textures, branding and product showcases.

3 Things to Take Away:
1. Retail musn't always contain digital to be considered 'best-in-class.' Nudie's shop is a great example of a well-executed retail design that creates a true brand experience with no digital. 2. The fact that buying a pair of jeans gets guests a lifetime warranty and free tailoring on any denim items is great, but showcasing that benefit in the open-air retail space really brings that benefit to life. 3. Social media is used as a pure promoter for the store, with its own specific Instagram account used to promote repairs the store facilitates, along with select feature products, giving a simple way for guests to learn about the space and drive interest in a visit.

Location: 188 Bowery, New York, NY 10012
Architect: Nudie in-house architecture team
Brand Website: Nudie Jeans Retail Shop
Social Media: Instagram  Twitter

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