Obed Buffet

Traditional fast food restaurants typically offer less than desirable brand experiences. From stodgy interiors, dirty bathrooms, and more times than not unhealthy food, it's hard to consider the category 'enjoyable,' to say the least. Realizing this, Obed Buffet,  located in a well trafficked area of St. Petersburg, Russia, takes fast food to the next level. With a highly manicured space which gives a sense of calmness and fresh, food that isprepared in front of the shopper through a variety of different cuisine stations, premium quality ingredients, and a beautifully designed seating space which offers an enjoyable atmosphere for guests, the space redefines a category which is filled with brands that offer negative in-store experiences. The 00 square meter space truly has something for everyone, with a variety of ordering stations, including a salad and soup station, a massive dessert showcase, grill, wok, sushi, pasta, and pizza.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Everything in the Obed Buffet, from map-covered tables to broken ceramic wallscapes are custom made and fit with the overall band theme, creating a kitchy home interior of the store. 2. The space feels consistent from the time you drive up, through your ordering and dining experiences, to the bathrooms, and even across other touchpoints that are not in-store such as the the eateries website. This kind of consistency generates brand linkage and a more consistent brand message through the entire path to purchase. 3. Obed Buffet serves fast food, competing in a category filled with brands like McDonald's. Obed Buffet has taken the fast food experience and redefined what's normally a quick, transactional relationship into something that is fun and enjoyable.

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Architect: g-sign
Website: Obed Buffet