Orenchi Beyond Ramen


Taking inspiration from traditional down and dirty ramen bars in Japan and meshing it with modern-day design and architecture, Orenchi Beyond ramen bar in San Francisco pays true attention to detail just as much in its food, as it does in its retail design.

The twelve foot deep sunken facade of the space plays hosts to a 4,000lb rock from the Yuba river and a walk-up ordering window built into the beautifully crafted geometric exterior and iconic transparent orange door.

The mix of old and new carries on inside, with Sake barrel-style seating, traditionally painted tables in the style of Japanese tattoo art, and on the flip side, a massive geometrically painted bear mural. Orenchi Beyond is nothing short of an amazing space which plays host to what I hear is amazing food.

3 Thing You Should Take Away:
1. Design plays a critical role in the overly crowded world of retail, if you don't have standout design, good luck getting people in the door. 2. While this space is quite modern, it's designed so in such a tasteful way. Simple traditional elements which tie the ramen bar back to its roots add a richness to the story that in my opinion, make this restaurant a standout establishment. 3. The 12-foot deep facade of the space is arguably one of the most unique elements of the restaurant. Through simply re-imagining what a retail space could be in the design process, Orenchi was able to create the draw needed in such a foodie city like San Fran.

Location: 174 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Architect: Craig Steely
Brand Website: Orenchi Beyond
Social Media: Instagram Facebook