Pan Y Pasteles


Take a 150 year old bakery, mesh with 12,000 pink-painted wooden sticks, adhere to the ceiling, and you've got  a newly reinvented retail space for Spanish bakery Pan y Pasteles, located just outside of Madrid, Spain, in one of the countries most historic regions.

The story leading up to the redesign of this eye-catching store interior is a lot simpler than one would think. As the bakery looked to re-envision their space in a unique historic building, they gave their design firm one requirement: "You must use our corporate design colour of magenta." The result: a vibrant ceiling, a space filled with an overabundant amount of texture and some damn good baked goods.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Often times simple design elements (like pink wooden sticks) can go a long way. Often less is more. 2. There is no digital in this space and it feels just as dynamic as the Rebecca Minkoff store in SOHO NYC. 3. Branding is imperative to any good retail experience. If I were greeted by the logo in the last image of this post, I would already walk in with a negative feeling (which would luckily be made up for in the superior space)

Location: Alcalá De Henares, Spain
Architect: Ideo Arquitectura
Brand Website: Pan Y Pasteles