Pano Brot Und Kaffee


Since the opening of Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle, Washington almost 2 years ago, I've been seeing an influx of overly designed, yet simple cafe spaces that invite guests to cozy up and hang out.

The latest find has opened in Stuttgart, Germany and hosts distinctive design elements such as a 5 meter long solid oak table and an equally grand 5 meter tall bookcase where various Pano goods are displayed for sale. The shop capitalizes on all the right things to make it a success..locally-sourced products, organics, and an overly large-sized tip jar. (the last one is a joke :])

3 Things To Take Away:
1. In overly developed markets such as the USA and Germany, food brands capitalizing on 'down-home' 'local' 'hand-made' 'organic' spacial design and product offerings are leading the pack. 2. Shopping today isn't about getting in and getting out. Brands are continually encouraging guests to stick around and enjoy the scenery they paid so much to build...there are 92 seats in this Pano store after all... 3. For all USA readers, Pano is a hybrid of a Starbucks and a Panera. It is not expensive, but the brand's space evokes a premium feel, as this is what shoppers expect from retail today.

Location: Sophienstraße 21, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany
Architect: Dittel Architekten
Brand Website: Pano