Seibu Shibuya Tokyo


Located inside Tokyo-based department store Seibu Shibuya is a newly renovated millenary section deemed as the ‘hat cloud.' As the department became to form, architects noticed the floor plan formed a similar shape to that of a cloud, due to the spacial designs being built around irregularly formed columns. Following the floor planning, designers seemed to draw further inspiration from 'the clouds' with their hat display design, as seen in photo two, which translated quite well in the design of the section...striking visual merchandising for something as simple as a hat repeated over and over.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Simple visual design can solve complex problems. 2. Classic case of the design challenge becoming the solution..structural limitations forced Nendo to think outside of the box and create a visually dynamic room, all which ended up being based around rain and 'the clouds.' 3. Cute anime-like concept drawings from design agencies out of Japan, such as the umbrella drawing here, are the most cliche but amazing inspiration ever.

Location: Japan, 〒150-8330 Tokyo, Shibuya, 宇田川町21−1
Architect: Nendo
Brand Website: Seibu Shibuya