Skechers Showroom Istanbul


A brand known for it's affordable, dad-wear, less than fashionable product, Skechers has stepped up its retail game in Istanbul, with a new concept store featuring some "sleek" store design and very uniquely crafted display fixture systems for its product.

While it's not a cutting-edge retail experience, for those familiar with Skechers, this is a HUGE improvement to the retail they traditionally showcase. Even here in New York where everything is big and boastful, Skechers stores are less than exciting to step into...and let's not even talk about the product...

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. Even stodgy brands like Skechers are taking design into consideration from both spacial and product perspectives, further enforcing how design can have positive impacts on business results. 2. Modularity in design is very important, and Skechers found a visually appealing solution to displaying product in a dynamic setting. (if you didn't notice image 2 of this post, it's a gif video) 3. If you have s*** product, it doesn't matter how beautiful the space you showcase it in, your product is still s***.

Location: Buyukdere Caddesi No:183 Esentepe Sisli Istanbul
Architect: Zemberek Design
Brand Website: Sketchers
Social Media: Twitter   Instagram