Sonos Studio


"Collaboration" has become somewhat of a buzzword as of late. With the likes of WeWork, Neuehaus, and loads of others, Australian-based speaker company Sonos has consciously and smartly hopped aboard collaboration bandwagon, creating Sonos Studio. The workspace, open to anyone from celebrity to common citydweller, seeks to bring art to the forefront of the space, from music, to sculpture, to painting. 

Conceived as a space that links artists with their appropriate audience; a place for musical experimentation; and a dedicated area for events and exhibition, the studio is a bona fide, all-round creative hub, accessible to all. The London location is the second to launch, the first being in Los Angeles.

3 Things to Take Away:
Through the launch of Sonos Studios, Sonos has begun positioning itself as a category leader in the overall artistic community, proving to the consumer that Sonos cares about more than just selling speakers to the masses 2. The "try, but don't buy" mentality is becoming a big realization for brand's large and small. In the Sonos Studios, you can try the array of product, but cannot purchase there. With the understanding that eCommerce today is as simple as a Google search and a payment verification through Amazon and Apple Pay (all via phone), purchase fulfillment in-store isn't always necessary. 3. Brands such as Sonos don't have the marketing budgets to open masses of stores. They invest their spend around large urban areas that will greatly influence the masses, and gain them an ample amount of buzz in the media.

Location: 21 Club Row, London E2 7EY, United Kingdom
Architect: Brinksworth
Branding: Bruce Mau
Brand Website: Sonos Studio
Social Media: Twitter    Instagram