Japanese restaurant Tetsujin, located in Melbourne, Australia, takes a unique approach to dining style, with two very distinct sections of the restaurant. The restaurant derived its dining concept from the two very distinct sides of Japanese city life: order and chaos.

The restaurant sits on the 4th floor of the Emporium Shopping Center and was carefully crafted, as the original space was built to play host to a retail store, not a restaurant. This is what sparked the ideation around two divided spaces. With one area of the restaurant light and airy (order) that serves fresh-made sushi  off of a sushi train, and the other area dark & confined (chaos) which serves Japanese BBQ.

The lighter area of the space, showcased in the first four photos, features European oak wood flooring, cool color tones, a floor to ceiling window with a view of the Melbourne skyline, overhead pine geometric latticework, and an open kitchen concept in the center of the space where all sushi is made. These key elements of the 'order' section of the restaurant are all tied together by a series of LED ring lights that pepper the surrounding areas of the space, giving off a perfect effervescent light tone.

On the flip side, the darker side of the space, which serves Japanese BBQ, features comic character wallpaper (Those into Japanese culture would quickly realize the popular Japanese cult robot cartoon character Iron Man), black painted ceilings, low incandescent lighting, moody color tones and darkwood features. This space is supposed to be representative of the chaotic side of Japan city-life, with dishes that are representative of the moody decor.

In my opinion, the space does a really nice job of mirroring the two distinctly different cuisines that are served in the spaces.

Architect: Architects EAT
Website: Tetsujin
Lighting Sculptures: A Better Sign
Lattice Woodwork: Kengo Kuma

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