The Iron Fairies

Designed and constructed by Ashley Sutton, The Iron Fairies is a multi-location cocktail bar in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Tokyo.

Inspired by the children’s book series The Iron Fairies, which were actually written by Sutton himself, the bar takes the physical manifestation of the mystical story, with a fantasy-like approach that makes guests feel as though they’re deep underground in a miners forge. The decor takes uses a mixture of rough textured materials like hewn woods, massive rusty cogs, rickety piping, jars & vials of fairy dust, and massive metal cogs all which compliment each other in their own individual uses.

The staff are also dressed in character and all their concoctions, from food to beverages come in uniquely crafted concoctions that fit with the theme of the space and make you feel like you’re getting a one-of-a-kind

Sutton actually came up with the concept for the book series while he was working deep in the iron-ore mines of Perth, Australia, where he fantasized and daydreamed about stories of iron fairies which he brought to life through drawings, which he eventually turned into books and eventually, The Iron Fairy cocktail bar.

In my opinion however, The Iron Fairies could definitely use some help with its digital presence, as the website and social media content are so out of date that it may as well be inexistent.

Location: LG, 1 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
Designer & Visionary: Ashley Sutton