Totokaelo NYC


When walking by Totokaelo's small storefront in SOHO, it doesn't appear to be anything more than just another one of the modern clothing shops sprinkled throughout the streets. However, for those who know Totakaelo, the store is much much more. Once you enter the space and pass the small overhang in the front, you're presented with a bright, open four-story space. And as I said, Totokaelo, to the small(ish) number who know them, are legendary in the collections they curate, from Acne Studios to their own private-label that is launching summer, and that legendary presence is very much so conveyed in-store. Based out of Seattle, the retailer had initially set up shop there. New York is their second space.

3 Things You Should Take Away:
1. The bulk sum of Totokaelo's sales come from its large eCommerce presence. Totokaelo is focusing on opening a greater number of stores in order to give shoppers the chance to experience the brand in the physical realm. This further demonstrates the trend of online to offline and the importance of a brick & mortar presence.  2. To have an amazing store experience for your shoppers, you need a sales staff that knows your brand and knows your product. The Totokaelo staff were nothing but amazing. They told us stories of the space, gave us an amazing amount of insight into some of the brands they carry, and even gave us a tour of the space. Totokaelo recognizes that people are critical in proper brand representation. 3. The importance of a welcoming space is crucial to creating a proper retail experience. The idea of 'welcoming,' can change from retailer to retailer, depending on who they want to attract (IE I hate the damn Disney store, but my nephews love it.). Totokaelo has plenty of seating and encourages its high-class shoppers to stick around. They have a coffee machine and an amazing terrace on their top floor accompanied by an amazing library of magazines and books.

Location: 10013, 54 Crosby St, New York, NY
Founder: Jill Wenger
Brand Website: Totokaelo
Social Media: Instagram   Twitter

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