In celebration of its 80th anniversary, Italian luxury leather brand Valextra has teamed up with Snarkitecture to create a unique pop up space inside its retail store on Milan’s Via Manzoni. Featuring simplistic, modern, bright design that draws you in from afar upon first glance, you don't quite know what you're looking at. The ceiling of the space, which represents the most unique part of the store, is constructed of a series of sheets draped over multiple hanging beams. The use of additional complimentary materials to the cloud-like fabric create a uniquely white space layered in monotone hues & shadows...AKA the perfect selfie lighting! The space itself draws you in, but the products are what keeps shoppers exploring. With its beautifully modern use of materials, Valextras S/S17 line works perfectly with the space.

Three Things You Should Take Away:
1. There may have been a missed opportunity to introdouce digital storytelling within the space. By creating a digital tie that gives guests the ability to learn more about the product and brand DNA. 2. This is a perfect example of a purpose-built space. With the sole purpose of complimenting the product, the simply crafted white space achieves that goal perfectly, with a unique twist. 3. The space itself is unique enough to evoke customers to share the space, and ultimately, push brand awareness, to its followers.

Website: Valextra
Location: via Manzoni, 3, 20121 Milano, Italy
Design & Architecture Agency: Snarkitecture